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What do you need to do to deal with compressor seized up?

Release Time:2022-08-25
What is the compressor seized up?

The compressor made violent harsh noises, the electromagnetic clutch was burnt, the load of the variable displacement compressor was broken, and it could not operate normally.

Why does the compressor seize up?

1, Compressor quality is not good.
2, There are Impurities in the system
3, The system lacks oil or does not return smoothly
4, Lubricant oil is not working (need to change new lubricant oil
How to repair it?

1, Before changing a new compressor, please remove the filter, oil separator, and expansion valve.
2, Then Using Nitrogen and air conditioner system cleanser to blow the refrigeration system. Such as condenser, evaporator, and pipe hose.
3, Using Nitrogen to clean the filter dryer, and expansion valve...If it is possible, please change the new filter dryer and new oil separator.
4, Add POE RL68H oil to the compressor, and oil separator and add more than 100ml to the system. (Based on truck refrigeration model and compressor model.
How to avoid it?
1, Choose high quality compressor
2, Choose high quality Lubricant oil
3, Regularly inspect and maintain the refrigeration unit
4, Replace or replenish new refrigerating oil in time to ensure good
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