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LPER alarm code appears on the truck refrigeration unit

Release Time:2022-09-15
LPER alarm code appears on the refrigeration unit, probably the expansion valve is blocked by ice

The phenomenon of ice blockage of the expansion valve :
1, Most of the goods in the box are frozen or pulling goods below zero
2, First period, refrigeration units are cooling down normally, shut down after a period of rest or after the end of the cold machine defrost to refrigeration mode, found that the truck refrigeration machine does not cool down for a long time.
3, The van&truck refrigeration units display a low-pressure alarm (alarm code LP/LPER/A01, etc.) or the refrigeration units do not cool down for a long time, with no alarm.
How to deal with emergencies
1, If you can walk into the truck box, use a hot towel a few more times to melt the ice (temporary emergency program)
2, the cold machine defrost termination temperature higher (15-20 degrees can be), defrost once at the end of the shutdown for 15 minutes, then turn on the machine; let the heat inside the evaporator melt the ice inside the spool. (Temporary emergency solution)
3, Go to the service station to replace the new filter drier and clean the expansion valve orifice.
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