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3 steps to know how to maintain your transport refrigeration units

Release Time:2022-08-25
Your cargo is your business and you must do what needs to be done to protect that cargo and delivery your good on time and in prime condition.
You service your delivery van but never forget the truck&van refrigeration equipment.
If you want your equipment to deliver your goods time after time then follow the right preventive checks
We have produced a simple step-by-step maintenance guide.

How often should I carry out the maintenance intervals?
Kims Mils Initial service Service A Service B
5000  3000
30 000 18 000
60 000 36 000
90 000 54 000
120 000 72 000
150 000 90 000
180 000 108 000
210 000 126 000

What needs to be done?
Initial service •Check the tightness of bolts and screws and that the unit is correctly fastened onto the box.
•Check for pressure leak.
•Check that the road compressor RPM high and low are correct.
•Check compressor belt tension.
Service A •Clean up battery and battery clamps
•Check belt compressor tension
•Replace compressor belt every 3000 hours
•Check for refrigerant leaks
•Check all electrical connections
•Check the cooling mode
•Check the defrost operation
•Check the operation of the cab control
•Clean up condenser coil
Service B •Replace idler pulley bearings if any.
Every year •Replace filter drier.
•Clean up the expansion valve orifice filter.
Every TWO years •Replace compressor oil - only use Polyolester oil (POE) approved by supplier
•Replace refrigerant.
•Replace orifice expansion valve

Who can do it?
Only use trained transport refrigeration engineers and only use genuine OEM parts.
The transport refrigeration unit is the key to your business success make it work with you by keeping it maintained to the highest standards.

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