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What are the cold chain logistics and refrigeration units?

Release Time:2022-06-27
Cold chain logistics refers to a system of refrigeration and frozen food in the production, storage, transportation, and sales, to the various aspects of pre-consumer always in the specified low-temperature environment to ensure food quality and reduce food loss.  

Scope of application includes 
1,Primary agricultural products: vegetables, fruits; meat, poultry, eggs; aquatic products, and flour products. 
2,Processed food: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products, 
3,Other packaged cooked food; ice cream, dairy products, chocolate, fast food raw materials.
4,Special commodities: pharmaceuticals, etc.

1、Extend the fresh storage period is 1 to several times longer than the general ordinary refrigeration, storage to the appropriate price listed for sale can obtain high profits
2、Reduce the loss of products by controlling the temperature of fresh products in circulation, reducing the growth of microorganisms and food spoilage, and reducing the loss.
3、Out of the warehouse to extend the shelf period through gas conditioning methods to inhibit the state of breathing after harvesting fruits and vegetables, to achieve the effect of fruit and vegetable preservation
 4、Adjust the temperature and humidity through the gas adjustment method, so that the freshness in the warehouse in a dormant state, out of the warehouse still maintains the original quality

1, cold chain storage
2,Cold chain loading and unloading
3,Cold chain information control
4,Cold chain transportation
Cold-chain transportation is an important part of cold-chain logistics.
Cold-chain transportation is costly and contains more complex mobile refrigeration technology and insulated box manufacturing technology, and cold-chain transportation management contains more risks and uncertainties. Cold-chain transportation refers to the whole process of transportation, whether it is loading and unloading, changing the mode of transport, changing the packaging equipment, etc., So that the transported goods always maintain a certain temperature during transport. Cold-chain transportation can be road transport, waterway transport, rail transport, and air transport, but also a variety of transport modes of integrated transport.
Refrigerated Truck Transport
Refrigerated trucks are more common and are widely used for urban distribution, from farms to cities. For example, refrigerated vans, small refrigerated trucks, large refrigerated trucks, self-engine refrigerated truck, trailers, etc. One of the most important parts is the transport refrigeration unit, which plays the most important role. So when we choose a refrigerated truck, we have to ask the seller. Choose a reliable company and suitable models.
Now there are many brands on the market, international brands such as Carrier, thermo King, Chinese brands sinoclima, Kingtec, Kaixue, Guchen...
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