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Best guides to know refrigerated trucks,refrigerated truck units using

Release Time:2022-06-27
Refrigerated truck is equipped with an insulated boxes and refrigeration unit device, used for cold chain logistic.As a special vehicle, the refrigerated truck has some matters that must be paid attention to before driving to prevent some unnecessary troubles on the way, and the following checks are recommended before driving each time the goods are loaded.
1. Reefer truck fuel or gasoline supply must be sufficient to ensure that the engine runs at least to the next station.
2. Refrigerated truck engine oil level supply at the (full) mark, do not over-fuel (replace once a year).
3. Reefer truck battery terminals must be secure and free of corrosion. The electrolyte should be at the full mark.
4. The belt must be good and adjusted to the proper tension, spanning the central 13mm sag between the pulleys.
5. Make sure All electrical lines and connectors are fixed securely. Wires and terminals should be free of corrosion, burn cracks, or water.
6. Check the refrigeration unit: no leaks, no broken parts, and damages.
7. The condenser and evaporator should be clean and free of dirt.
8. Check the drain hose and connector to make sure they are clear.
9.Cargo can not block the evaporator air outlet and return air outlet when the cargo compartment is loaded, keep the cold air circulation in the cargo compartment smoothly to ensure that there is no hot spot in the compartment.

Therefore, scientific maintenance and maintenance, not only can ensure the integrity of the equipment but also can reduce operating costs.
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