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6 Simple steps to know Reefer truck loading, unloading properly

Release Time:2022-06-27
1,Refrigerated trucks are not cold storage, the refrigeration unit is maintaining the temperature of the goods.

Refrigeration truck is not a cold storage, In fact, the refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to down the temperature of the goods. Somewhat similar to the quilt used in the past to sell cold drinks, the goods will be wrapped up, when the outside temperature through radiation, conduction, convection into the refrigerated car compartment, will be the refrigeration unit blowing out the cold air away, isolating the heat source into the goods.

2,The goods should have the necessary transport temperature, otherwise, they may deteriorate

If the goods’ temperature is too high or too low into the refrigerated carriage, and then the refrigeration unit set to the necessary transport temperature of the goods transported, through a certain period of time the temperature of the goods down to or up to its necessary temperature. 
However, the fact is the opposite, not only the temperature of the goods do not come down (or up), but to damage or deteriorate the goods.

The cold air blown by the refrigeration unit will make the cargo temperature change, and the cargo will lose its moisture, which will lead to quality changes in the cargo, thus leading to a decrease in the quality of the cargo, shorten the storage period, and even make the cargo rotten and spoiled.

3,The carriage must be pre-cooled or pre-heated before loading

Before loading, the carriage must be pre-cooled or pre-heated for about 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, usually the temperature of the carriage is the temperature of the outside environment, generally speaking, the temperature of the goods transported can not be the ambient temperature, is the case there is no need for refrigerated truck transport. Goods loaded into the carriage, the carriage inside the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the transported goods, thus leading to changes in the quality of the transported goods, so the carriage must be pre-cooled to the necessary temperature before loading.

4,Turn off the refrigerated truck machine during cargo loading or unloading, refrigerated temperature loss more slowly

In the loading and unloading must close the refrigeration unit, many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not to turn off the refrigeration unit, thought that this can make the temperature of the goods rise more slowly, in fact, this is wrong.
If the refrigeration unit is not turn off when the carriage door is opened because the fan of the evaporator is working, the fan will blow cold air from the upper part of the carriage, while the lower part will be outside the hot air quickly sucked in, resulting in a rapid rise in the temperature of the carriage; if the machine is turned off and then loading and unloading goods because the fan is in a stop state, the airflow stops, the carriage inside and outside the wind pressure is the same, the speed of the hot air entering more slowly.

5,The goods need to keep the carriage cold air circulation

The goods must be placed to take into account the cold wind circulation in the refrigerated car, the goods are best stacked on double-sided pallets, fresh goods pallets can not be wrapped in plastic film, plastic film will block the circulation of cold air circulation to the goods, the best distance between the top of the car and the goods to stay more than 23cm.
The floor of the refrigerated truck generally has a groove that can be ventilated, but some do not, if not, use double-sided pallets to load the goods to ensure the flow of cold air at the bottom of the floor.

Cargo stacking can not be too high, not higher than the plane height of the air outlet. If the front of the air outlet is blocked by the goods or too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage temperature of the goods, but also the normal work of the refrigeration unit, which will affect the cold air circulation in the carriage and lead to the freezing of the goods near the vent, while the temperature of the goods elsewhere may be too high.
 And refrigeration units are generally with air induction defrost design, the goods are too close to the vent, near the vent ice, the unit will quickly enter the defrost state, the temperature rises, defrost immediately ended, repeated this action, and the temperature in the car does not come down.
When transporting vegetables and fruits, we should pay more attention to the fact that vegetables and fruits produce heat, and if the circulation of cold air is not good, the temperature in the central part of the carriage will rise, which will lead to problems with the quality of goods. Also, the upper goods close to the air outlet should be covered with a cover cloth to protect them from frostbite.

6,Regular washing refrigerated truck bodies to ensure clean

Cleaning a refrigerated car has two roles, one is to maintain the internal environmental health of the carriage, and to prevent the carriage from a strange smell. This should be well understood, refrigerated cars are somewhat similar to refrigerators, if not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to have a strange smell. Refrigerated trucks are often loaded with different goods, especially fish, meat, etc., it is best to clean the carriage once after each delivery of goods.

Another role is to prevent the refrigeration unit's evaporator fan will be impurities inhaled into the evaporator coil, thus reducing the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration unit, which is one of the reasons why the refrigerated truck a few years after we will feel that the refrigeration effect is not as good as the beginning.
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