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How to choose a correct Sinoclima truck refrigeration unit

Release Time:2022-09-26
What kind of information is needed to make the right choice? Choosing a transport refrigeration unit depends on many factors. All this information should be provided before ordering the unit.
  • Internal and external lengths of the truck bodies.
  • Internal and external width of the truck bodies.
  • Internal and external height of the truck bodies.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Temperature required inside compartments.
  • Products to be transported.
  • Number of door openings
  • K factor of the body
  • Road operation and/or standby operation,
  • Type of use (long-distance transport, local distribution, etc.).
  • Other useful information.
For engine-driven equipment, the following information is also required to select the appropriate accessories to drive our equipment.
  • Vehicle battery voltage (12V or 24V).
  • Air conditioning (AC) or not.
  • Amperage of the alternator.
  • Type of engine.
  • Engine displacement.
Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in selecting a unit that corresponds to your customer’s requirements.
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