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Why do we all choose sinoclima transport refrigeration system?

Release Time:2022-08-25
Mr. Benami's company has over 20 years of experience in the transport refrigeration equipment industry in Israel. During this time, they have used many brands. Such as Carrier, Thermo King, Euro Frigo, Alex Original, and Zanotti.They also faced a lot of issues with some brands, such as not easy to find after-sales parts, being unable to contact sales persons, etc... It brought them a lot of customer complaints and work troubles. So they were extra cautious in finding new suppliers, strictly adhering to suppliers, product price, product performance, after-sales service, etc...

After that, they are trying to import the Chinese brand sinoclima . Chinese Sinoclima truck and van refrigeration unit products are highly configured, easy to install, low failure rate, and can perfectly replace existing brands. In addition, Sinoclima can provide the fastest delivery time and after-sales service to the customer. After several times cooperation, the customer chose to sign a strategic partnership and agency agreement with Sinoclima.

SF-450Pro Product Features

SF-450 is a road-only high-quality truck freezer unit, that gets power from vehiclesengines. With two condenser fans. and two evaporator blowers.Large air volume, enough cooling capacity, and fast cooling, which can meet a variety of customer needs.Such as deliver to vegetables, fruit, meat, and frozen foods safely and reliably in the city.

If you want to purchase high-quality truck&van refrigeration units at a reasonable price from China. Sinoclima will be your best choice. Sinoclima is located in the China Refrigerated Truck Manufacturing Base. Focus on developing and manufacturing high-quality refrigeration units since the 2007 year. We sinoclima will continue to provide quality and stable refrigeration unit

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