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Sinoclima Transport Refrigeration Units get very satisfied feedback from Australia

Release Time:2022-08-24
Nathan owns a truck and van conversion plant in Queensland, Australia, He converts and sells refrigerated trucks&van, and has installed many brands of refrigeration units before. Such as THERMO KING, CARRIER, KINGTEC, ZANOTTI, etc. Recently, Nathan saw Sinoclima specializing in manufacturing and selling cost-effective van refrigeration units and refrigeration accessories on our Facebook page and tried to cooperate.
He bought 4 sets of roof top van cooling units, SF-460T, as a sample test, installed to 10m3, refrigerated vans, temperature requirements of -18 degrees, and city distribution use.
Feedback is as follows, from 26 degrees down to -18 degrees only took 45 minutes. The product appearance design is beautiful, simple cab control, pulling down temperature fast, the customers are very satisfied. Next, Nathan plans to establish depth cooperation with Sinoclima.
st460t van refrigeration units

SF-460T Product Features
SF-460T are rooftop mount van refrigeration units. Specially designed for cargo van box volume 8~25m³.
  1. Streamlined appearance, beautiful and elegant
  2. Internal ultra-thin evaporator, greatly increase the cargo loading capacity
  3. Large cooling capacity ensure the goods safety even in high ambient temperature or frequent door opening
  4. Large airflow volume, maintains the goods in good condition
  5. Microprocessor control and fault alarming, easy operation and safe
  6. Fast installation, convenient maintenance
  7. Optional heating and electric stand-by

sf460 van chill units factory
If you want to purchase high-quality truck&van refrigeration units at a reasonable price from China. Sinoclima will be your best choice. Sinoclima is located in the China Refrigerated Truck Manufacturing Base. Focus on developing and manufacturing high-quality refrigeration units since the 2007 year. We sinoclima will continue to provide quality and stable refrigeration unit products to our distributors and dealers.

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