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Sinoclima SF-1000D Independent unit shipped to South America, another happy customer

Release Time:2023-02-10
The client was miles apart, they saw our company through the website. and after dozens of days of communication.
They fully know sinoclima and know sinoclima is professional in the transport refrigeration units industry. So they decided to cooperate with us.

Sinoclima truck refrigeration equipment has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Central America. For example Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, and Bolivia.
Many customers will choose to replace Thermo King, Carrier brands, such as SF-350 instead of Viento-350, SF-700 instead of Citimax-700, etc...
This time, the SF-1000D is also used to replace THERMO KING T-800 and Carrier Supra-850.

SF-1000D units application on the refrigerated truck box volume is 35~55m³.SF-1000D includes an independent YANMAR 3 cylinders diesel engine which allows the unit to be operated by its engine. It also is switched to Electric standby mode by electric motors.

With SF-1000D's high cooling capacity and multi-operation features, you won't have to worry about your products' conditions during deliveries. No matter what weather conditions it may be, SF-1000D will maintain your products' cold temperature. They are suitable for the customer who wants to put together durability and reliability with low operational costs and handling charges.

If you want to purchase high-quality truck&van refrigeration units at a reasonable price from China. Sinoclima will be your best choice. Sinoclima is located in the China Refrigerated Truck Manufacturing Base. Focus on developing and manufacturing high-quality refrigeration units since 2007 year. We sinoclima will continue to provide quality and stable refrigeration unit
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