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SF-800Pro truck refrigeration unit in Costa Rica

Release Time:2022-09-09
Costa Rica Luis is ready to purchase the refrigerated truck unit, one friend recommended Sinoclima brand, refrigeration unit for refrigerated truck body size 29 cubic meters, temperature requirements -10 degrees, our technician recommended SF-800Pro-R404A, equipped with TM21 compressor.
Large cooling capacity, faster cooling, equipped with CPR regulating valve and high and low-pressure switch, stable system pressure, simple operation, and low failure rate. It can replace Carrier Citimax-700 Citimax-800.

There are many transport refrigeration unit brands in Costa Rica, such as Carrier, Thermo King, Hwa Sung Thermo, Guchen, FrigoKing, and other brands. Sinoclima will become another new trusted brand in Costa Rica.

SF-800Pro Product Features

SF-800Pro is a road-only high-quality truck freezer unit, that gets power from vehiclesengines. Designed for high-capacity cooling, it can replace the Climax-800.With 2 condenser fans and 3 evaporator blowers.Large air volume, enough cooling capacity, and fast cooling, SF-800 transport refrigeration system with CPR valve to ensure stable system pressure and protect the compressor.Easy to install, easy to operate, proven over many years on the markets.
Suggested Box Size 16ft,18ft in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.10 Pallet in New Zealand, Australia, Temperature range from -30C to +30C

If you want to purchase high-quality truck&van refrigeration units at a reasonable price from China. Sinoclima will be your best choice. Sinoclima is located in the China Refrigerated Truck Manufacturing Base. Focus on developing and manufacturing high-quality refrigeration units since 2007 year. We sinoclima will continue to provide quality and stable refrigeration unit

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